Construction Project Updates for Orange County

May 2020

May 11, 2020

As California continues to remain under a state wide Stay at Home order, construction projects have continued in many regions as California has designated construction staff as essential workers.

Construction in Orange County has been seen to be moving ahead, as the county has largely adopted the statewide direction, including designating construction as essential and exempting construction workers from the Stay at Home order. More information on essential jobs can be found here.

Public works construction projects in the City of Santa Ana and across the county have accelerated, as the city has remained closed, giving extended hours for construction projects on citywide projects. The county recommends that guidelines published by the CDC, Cal/OSHA, and the State of California be followed.

Cal/OSHA has published both general and industry guidance to protect workers from Coronavirus which can be found here, as well guidance for COVID-19 Infection Prevention which can be found here.

Information on the State of California’s guidance plan for the construction industry can be found here and a General Checklist for Construction Employers can be found here.

For construction projects in Orange County, please be sure to check the local city regulations and to contact construction counsel to assist in your compliance with the various COVID-19 safety precautions and requirements.

Visit our COVID-19 Hub for ongoing updates.