Dallas Team Obtains Dismissal of All Claims in Plaintiff-Friendly Rio Grande Valley

August 2020

Gordon & Rees Scully Mansukhani Dallas attorneys Soña Garcia, Brent Buyse and Keith Cramer obtained summary judgment of all claims brought against the firm’s client, a world-renowned beer producer, in the hostile venue of Cameron County, Texas District Court. The claims included negligent hiring and joint enterprise.

The plaintiffs alleged that their injuries, stemming from an automobile collision, were a result of the beer producer’s direct control over, and negligent hiring of, an independent contractor.

On the eve of the summary judgment hearing, the plaintiffs filed an amended petition seeking to add a related business entity to the suit. The Gordon & Rees team quickly prepared a Motion to Strike, which was successful in thwarting the plaintiffs’ attempt to sneak in a new defendant and defeat the summary judgment. During the hearing, attorney Brent Buyse persuaded the court that the the defendant owed no duty whatsoever to the plaintiffs while also showing the court that no evidence existed to support the joint enterprise theory.

The court ruled in favor of Gordon & Rees on three separate motions, dismissing all claims against the firm’s client and striking the plaintiffs’ amended petition.