Gordon & Rees Plays Key Role in National 2010 Workshop on Establishing Food Liability Programs

May 2010

San Francisco/Portland Partner Tom Packer created and led the 2010 Food Safety Summit's annual workshop on establishing food liability programs, The Three Pillars of a Successful Food Liability Program: Prevention, Response and Resolution. This workshop was designed to provide anyone involved with corporate liability issues a thorough understanding of the best way to prevent company liability through a thorough risk assessment, the makeup of the proper crisis management team, and how to resolve any claims that are made, including how to work with an insurance carrier.

Tom serves as a member of the Food Safety Summit's Executive Educational Advisory Committee. The Committee is responsible for providing the high-quality education and training available at the Food Safety Summit and consists of industry-leading processors, retailers, consultants, educators, food service and government professionals representing each of the food safety, security and supply-chain disciplines.

The Food Safety Summit, held from April 12th through April 14th in Washington, D.C., is the largest and most established food safety and defense exposition in North America on food safety, quality assurance and food security.

Please view a brief video of the 2010 Summit below