Northern California Partner Don Willenburg and Associate Ayushi Neogi to Present on "Person Most Qualified" Testimony for ADC Webinar

July 2023

Appellate Practice Group co-chair Don Willenburg and associate Ayushi Neogi will be presenting "PMQs and Proving the Past: You Can’t Get There from Hear-say -- Ramirez v. Avon, and What Comes After" for a webinar hosted by the Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada ("ADC") on July 19 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific.

Willenburg and Neogi will examine the Ramirez decision and the subsequent limits on "person most qualified" ("PMQ") testimony. This decision established that testimony from a PMQ based on an investigation is inadmissible in evidence because it is based on hearsay, not personal knowledge. They will discuss strategies for litigants to make evidence of important witnesses and long-ago events admissible and explore which types of PMQ testimony will be admissible and which will not.

Willenburg has been described as an "appellate luminary" by the journal California Litigation. He is the past chair of the Appellate Practice Section of the Bar Association of San Francisco. For the last decade-plus, he has chaired the ADC’s amicus briefs committee, working to advance causes important to the defense community.

Neogi is a recent member of ADC. She is an associate attorney in Gordon & Rees’ Employment Law Practice Group in the San Francisco office. She defends employers from all employment law actions, including but not limited to, claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour, and other state law claims.

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