Environmental, Social & Governance

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    Championing ESG Involvement - Making a Difference

    At GRSM, our unwavering commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles is at the heart of our legal practice. Through numerous initiatives and pro bono efforts, we strive to promote sustainability, social justice, and corporate responsibility. Our dedication to ESG involvement encompasses a diverse range of impactful endeavors:

    Social Justice Advocacy:

    • Partnering with social justice groups for pro bono events, including juvenile status, pathway to citizenship, and upgrading military discharge clinics.
    • Active participation in the San Francisco Bar Association's Pro Bono Cannabis Business panel, supporting minority entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry through the San Francisco Cannabis Equity program.
    • Serving as Volunteer Attorneys with organizations like the Support Center for Child Advocates and Apna Ghar, advocating for the welfare of children and fighting against gender violence, respectively.

    Community Involvement:

    • Active engagement with local and national bar associations, working towards promoting race equality and supporting minority lawyers and communities.
    • Membership and volunteer work with organizations like LIFT (Leading India's Future Today), dedicated to providing education to underprivileged youth in South India.
    • Volunteering with Southern Nevada's Senior Law Program, assisting seniors with wills and durable power of attorney, and co-chairing the Clark County Bar Association New Lawyer Committee.

    Advocacy for Equal Rights:

    • Involvement with organizations like the Detroit Bar Association Access to Justice Committee and the Pope Francis Center Legal Clinic, addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion, labor practices, human rights, and community relations.
    • Handling legal issues related to complaints and threats faced by clients, supporting their ownership and operation of a northern Connecticut farm.
    • Defending clients against post-judgment motions, securing settlements, and successfully assisting the Independent Day School in disbursement of due endowment funds.

    Supporting Vulnerable Communities:

    • Pro bono assistance to organizations like Ukraine-focused non-profits, providing trademark clearance checks and related registration advice.
    • Providing legal aid and representation to veterans, disabled individuals, and other vulnerable populations in eviction matters, foreclosures, and civil rights cases.

    Environmental Conservation:

    • Serving on the boards and actively supporting organizations like the Orca Conservancy, working towards protecting wild orca populations, and Together We Bake, a workforce training and personal development program for underserved women.

    ESG Awareness and Education:

    • Presenting on ESG and DEI topics, such as racial justice, gender equity, and environmental conservation, at conferences and legal events.
    • Promoting gender equality and women empowerment through involvement in various legal committees and organizations.

    Minority and Women Owned Businesses (MWBE): 

    • GRSM’s Women in Construction Group’s experienced construction lawyers protect the rights and interests of minority and women-owned businesses (MWBEs). Our attorneys navigate complex regulations, assist with certification, and negotiate fair contracts to ensure MWBEs have a level playing field. In disputes, we advocate for proper remedies and compensation, and we guide contractors in complying with affirmative action plans and diversity goals. Our dedication to advocacy and policy work reinforces our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in construction projects. The group’s attorneys serve as a trusted partner to champion their client’s MWBE interests to achieve success in the construction industry.

    At GRSM we recognize the profound impact that ESG principles have on our world. Through our diverse involvements, we are proud to contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive, and just future for all. Our dedication to ESG involvement reflects our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities we serve.