Who We Are


  • Description

    GRSM takes seriously its obligations as a socially responsible business in ensuring that the firm does all it can to sustain and protect the environment such that future generations are assured a clean and safe world. To this end, firm management and our entire partnership are taking steps that are intended to help combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint by implementing practices that reduce greenhouse gases, increase energy efficiency, and reduce waste production.

    Among other things, GRSM:

    • maintains a robust recycling and waste management program at all its locations and utilizes natural and sustainable products, building components, office supplies and similar materials wherever possible;
    • ensures that all of our documents are printed on recycled paper (unless otherwise required by a court or other tribunal), and printing itself is restricted to minimal instances of absolute necessity;
    • proactively collects all e-waste (even that which is generated outside the firm’s business by our employees) and ensures its proper disposal and recycling;
    • has implemented and encourages flexible remote work policies where appropriate which have significantly reduced the carbon footprints of our employees as have decreases in travels by air and other modes of transportation;
    • pursues a policy that, wherever possible, the physical spaces we occupy are thermally efficient, LEED-certified, and incorporate the most advanced techniques, technologies and products to produce the most optimal workplace possible in terms of energy efficiency;
    • requires, when available, that all food service and other disposal items ordered by the firm are packaged with the fewest amount of materials possible and that such materials be biodegradable and recyclable so as to minimize the amount of waste going to landfills across our national business footprint;
    • conserves water by utilizing low-flow toilets where available as well as automated sinks which shut-off after brief use;
    • utilizes electricity plans that provide for automated low power and sleeping modes for lighting, computers, HVAC systems and other equipment in addition to energy efficient light bulbs and other fixtures;
    • only uses heating and air conditioning where necessary (and not at all during times when buildings are not occupied), and then only in the most energy efficient settings.

    GRSM looks forward to continuing to act as a dedicated steward and friend of the environment in all facets of our business across the entire country.