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    Our Technology Litigation group includes litigators focused on the unique challenge presented by the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape presented by disputes over the design, performance and implementation of cutting-edge technology. These modern disputes hinge on the performance of computer hardware and/or software, online transactions, traditional proprietary rights (including domain names and trademarks) and emerging rights in data.  As a result, we invest in understanding our client’s businesses and technologies behind their products, services and inventions – enabling us to craft a creative strategy to successfully and efficiently resolve disputes.

    The firm does not believe that every claim or dispute should be litigated.  First and foremost, the firm's attorneys bring their talents to the table as problem solvers.  Prompt and accurate evaluation of legal questions and coverage disputes is a hallmark of our practice.  This provides clients with the basis necessary to determine whether disputes should be settled, litigated or perhaps mediated or arbitrated. When litigation is necessary, our approach will be to treat such a case with aggressive and comprehensive attention. It is our philosophy that once a decision is made to litigate, the case should be prosecuted or defended as expeditiously as possible and by the most economical means available.

    Because we represent both plaintiffs and defendants, we see both sides, and can craft diverse strategies for our clients. Our technology-based clients — including leaders in the Internet, computer hardware and software, digital media and entertainment, semiconductor, biotechnology industries — routinely call upon us to handle sophisticated, cutting-edge disputes involving patent and copyright infringement, antitrust, fraud, regulatory, and contract issues.  That experience includes: 

    • representing an international company in an $80 million dispute over the design, manufacturing and performance of wireless gateways;
    • litigating source of a breach to a third-party cloud storage provider and liability for the resulting breach notification costs;
    • litigating liability of an international manufacturer of ATMs in a multi-million dispute over the design and manufacturing of defective key pads;
    • representing a web-design provider in a dispute over the alleged failure to properly design and implement a website; and 
    • representing software companies in disputes over the performance and implementation of ERP systems.

    Clients trust us because our focused approach leverages the close relationships that our technology lawyers share with our intellectual property, antitrust, and cyber security and privacy groups, enabling us to craft a sophisticated strategy that simplifies complex technology.

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