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    Gordon & Rees has extensive experience in the transportation industry with concentrations in trucking, bus, common carrier, and heavy equipment. Our practice covers catastrophic injury and property damage litigation, regulatory compliance, cargo claims (loss, damage, delay), freight charge collection, freight classification, cargo insurance, tariffs, commercial litigation, equipment leasing and finance, labor, safety, and environmental matters.

    Our services go beyond the courtroom. Gordon & Rees' Trucking & Transportation Group also provides transactional legal services to providers and users of logistics and transportation services, regardless of mode - maritime, motor, rail, and air. Our practice covers regulations for operators, vehicles and infrastructure, as well as contracts of carriage, regulations and relations between carriers and passengers in public transport, shippers and cargo owners.


    Our attorneys are skilled in trying complex injury and multi-vehicle accidents, and are skilled in handling catastrophic injury cases resulting from heavy vehicles colliding with other vehicles, premises or pedestrians. We offer a 24/7 Rapid Response Team comprised of Gordon & Rees attorneys located around the United States who are ready to respond to catastrophic trucking and transportation accidents any time, day or night.

    In defending these matters and representing our clients, we call upon our knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations, specifically those covering: (1) the physical state of drivers, including driver fatigue, driver negligence, commercial driver qualifications; and (2) the mechanical aspects of heavy equipment, such as air brakes, speed limits, safe loading, and maintenance.

    Gordon & Rees attorneys aggressively litigate catastrophic injury claims and obtain summary dismissal of such suits well in advance of trial. Our attorneys strive to locate and work with the most qualified expert witnesses to address the complex issues involved in these cases.

    Equipment Leasing & Finance

    Our Trucking & Transportation team handles domestic and cross-border transactions and litigation, including those involving leveraged and synthetic leases, finance leases, operating, single investor, and secured financing as well as other types of leasing and conditional sales.  We represent clients in a variety of equipment leasing and financing transactions across a full range of equipment. We have handled transactions and litigation involving: aviation equipment, automobiles, buses, recreational vehicles, trucks, tractors, trailers, chassis, maritime equipment, construction equipment, and railroad equipment.

    Catastrophic Injury Focus

    Gordon & Rees defense attorneys have significant experience representing businesses and individuals in wrongful death, brain injury, paralysis and other serious personal injury claims. Our lawyers have tried numerous cases to verdict and also have extensive appellate experience relative to these types of claims.

    Gordon & Rees attorneys aggressively litigate catastrophic injury claims, and frequently succeed in obtaining the summary dismissal of such suits well in advance of trial. As with most litigation, our attorneys strive to locate and work with the most appropriate and qualified expert witnesses to address the complex issues involved in these cases.

    24/7 Rapid Response Team

    Gordon & Rees' multistate team of seasoned transportation lawyers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to respond efficiently and effectively to catastrophic trucking and heavy equipment accidents throughout the United States. We have relationships with top experts in this field, and can respond with them to memorialize and record the accident scene in real time.

    Our team has the know-how and resources necessary to provide your company and professionals with the support to manage a catastrophic event. We can assist carriers, insurers, shippers, public entities, or waste management groups in need of a quick response and assessment of an accident scene. A rapid, coordinated effort by experienced professionals can help make the difference between conceding liability and winning a defense verdict.

    The experience and services offered by Gordon & Rees' Rapid Response Team include:

    • counseling and protecting your driver;
    • arranging for local adjusters, accident investigation experts, and criminal defense counsel;
    • managing claims involving statutes and regulations;
    • dealing with hazardous material accidents' unique issues; and
    • handling media relations and requests from investigative authorities.

    If you are involved in a trucking or heavy equipment accident, Gordon & Rees' Rapid Response Team is available to guide you through the regulations and logistics you face.

    For rapid response assistance, please contact Gordon & Rees partners Jeffrey Swedo or Donald Derrico, or call our 24/7 Rapid Response line: 1-888-565-3408.

    Jeffrey Swedo
    Co-Chair of Rapid Response Team
    Office: 213.334.7113
    Mobile: 949.400.5350

    Donald Derrico
    Co-Chair of Rapid Response Team
    New York
    Office: 914.777.2210
    Mobile: 917.301.8480

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